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Law of Attraction Love – The Secret to Applying the Law of Attraction in Love

Are you looking to use the law of attraction for love to attract the people, or person into your life that you know that you truly deserve?

If so then you’re not alone, because so many people want to use the laws of attraction in this way.

But the sad part is so many people are getting it dead wrong.

Are you Messing the Law of Attraction for Love?

So you may be messing up your chances to utilize the law of attraction and not even know it. The law of attraction isn’t as easy as most will have you think it is.

Here’s why!

You’ve got a constant battle in your mind, and it’s hard to get past the mental battles and well…habits…that have been holding you back for years and years.

How I Learned the Hard Way Not to Use the Law of Attraction and Love

When I first started learning to use the law of attraction and the principals of it, I was doing it wrong and could not understand what the heck I was doing wrong. It was very frustrating.

I was using affirmations, and doing all of those things like that most people have learned in books like “The Secret” and other books that have caught onto the bandwagon. But I didn’t feel bad when I learned the right way and found out that almost everyone was doing the same things wrong.

What Was I Doing Wrong?

I was focusing the opposite way that I should have been. So in other words when I was having problems with some of the people in my life, including girlfriend at the time, I kept thinking about all of the things that these people were doing wrong that I didn’t like.

I wanted to change how I was treated, and basically the kind of people that I kept ending up with. It was so annoying.

For instance I had a string of girlfriends who were continuously nagging me. I just kept over and over finding these nagging girls. Oh it was horrible. And then on the co-worker front, I kept ending up with the co-workers that were just annoying. The ones that talked about everyone, the one’s that would throw me under the bus, even when I thought they were my friends! That sort of thing…

I kept thinking about how annoying these people were, and how terrible it was that I was always with the nagging girls. I would obsess about finding a girl that didn’t nag. So basically I was obsessing about nagging. Guess what I was attracting into my life…

That’s right, nag happy girls! And for the co-workers, guess what I was thinking about. I was thinking about how much I didn’t want these types of co-workers as friends and so I just pulling these people in like magnets.

One Important Way the Law of Attraction, Love, and Friendship Works…

You see the law of attraction actually works no matter what, much like gravity. But if you’re not using it in a way that it will benefit you then it’s going to work in a way that’s not right for you. It’s still working, but it’s just not giving you the result that you want.

So you have to watch what you think about because that resonates into the universe and comes right back at you and smacks you right in the face. So instead of thinking about all of the things that you don’t want when it comes to love and friendship, instead think of all of the traits that you want people in your life to have, and great those traits make you feel. It also helps to become that person that you want to attract.

But I’m afraid that it’s not as simple as just this. You’ve been only getting the half truth in movies like the secret. The above works and works well, but there’s actually more to it.

You see I kept wondering why the heck things weren’t really starting to flow toward me.

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Applying The Law Of Attraction For Love

Try and define and visualize the kind of person and relationship you want. Write down what you think on a piece of paper. Don’t write what type of looks you are searching for; define what you are looking for in a person. What qualities, experiences and emotions do you want? If you don’t, you might end up with someone you’re not compatible with. Make sure you visualize and have that mental image of what you are precisely looking for. Make the laws of attraction work by following these steps.

Next step, this may sound a little selfish, but it is very important. Love yourself. By loving yourself, you will give off vibrations you are a healthy, confident, and happy person, which in return will help you attract love. Your thoughts and emotions will attract good and bad things. If you love yourself than you are feeling good about the person you are. Like flies attracted to fruit, you will attract love. Love yourself and it will change how you feel on the outside and inside. So go take a bubble bath, go for a run, buy that sexy pair shoes you saw in the window. Do what makes you feel good. You are worthy of happiness, and you’ll be reminded of this by feeling good. It’s really simple. Use the Law of Attraction for love by honoring your core elements and all your attributes that makes you who you are.

Be open and express yourself. By letting the universe laws do its job. Be open and you’ll receive love, allowing you the opportunity to attract love into your life. Use the law of attraction for love, because it isn’t much different from anything else. You’ll figure out what kind of relationship you want by loving others. Your desired end results are complementary with the laws of attraction.

Try using the Law of Attraction for love. Once you start to love yourself and get in the habit of feeling good, good things will happen to you. If allow the law to work, then you’ll find yourself dining with the one you had been searching for your whole life. If you want to use the Law of Attraction Love and find that special someone to share your special moments with, also check out now.

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