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Venus Factor Review – How Does the Venus Factor System Work?

Venus Factor Review – How Does the Venus Factor System Work?
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The Venus Factor System works in different phases. The creator of the Venus Factor highlighted a major flaw that causes the women to gain extra weight. The Leptin hormone is the major factor that causes the body to become over-weight. It is Leptin, which controls the amount of fat stored in the female body.

If you are able to control Leptin and its sensitivity in blood, you can definitely lose weight by burning fat. As women get older, their bodies become chubbier after having children and they lose their leptin sensitivity. To put it in different words, their bodies become more resistant to leptin naturally. This leads towards fat storage instead of burning it.

The Venus Factor system is specifically designed for women. It completely works on a different approach and thus unique from other popular weight loss programs like 2 Week Diet.

Here’s how the Venus Factor Program works:

Leptin Venus Factor: This is the primary factor to burn fat in women. Leptin is present in both men and women. However, women tend to have greater amounts of leptin as compared to men.

Resistance to Leptin: The VF works to decrease the resistance of female body towards leptin. And, thus it can help to accelerate weight loss naturally.

No Fasting: During fasting, the leptin levels drop in the body, so it is never recommended to fast in order to burn fat in women.

John Barban was able to discover something called Metabolic Override. It is a unique strategy that enables to increase sensitivity of female body toward leptin already present in the blood stream. In this way, you never have to starve yourself or use typical methods of losing weight. In fact, you can eat all those foods that are usually avoided by weight loss participants.

The Venus Factor works by reducing the leptin resistance and reverse it to a greater extent. This will involve certain life style changes including 12 week Venus Factor diet and exercise plan (workouts). The system itself is not lengthy compared to the results it delivers. 12 Weeks of Undulating Metabolic Override is a powerful diet plan that helps to reset your body metabolism in order to burn fat naturally. This helps you to get the required toned physique desired by most women.

The Venus Factor is more efficient as it includes a Virtual Nutritionist Software program that calculates the right balance of foods to consume right amount of calories each day. When following the program, you need to consume different amount of calories on specific days.

The best thing about the Venus Factor program is its compatibility and compliance with the modern lifestyle. The program is quite flexible to incorporate the busy time schedules and social engagements, where you do not have much time to focus on your body.

The Virtual Nutritionist software makes suitable adjustments according to your progress with the Venus Factor system. As you progress yourself towards leaner body, it may recommend you ingest more calories instead of using less.

The Exercise Phase of Venus Factor system gives an extra push by toning the troubled spots on your body by melting fat away. This helps to reveal natural shape of your body and burn stubborn fat from butt, thighs and stomach.

As mentioned earlier, the Venus Factor membership allows to you get all the support you need to accelerate your weight loss efforts. This is something completely different from other weight loss program as you get access to the community, where participants are giving valuable input. It gives you more motivation and support by answering all your questions.

You can see more details and read users’ opinions about the venus factor here:
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