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What To Drink Before Bed To Lose Weight?

Top 5 drinks to Drink Before Bed that can actually help you Lose Weight and make sure you get some much-needed shut-eye. This is very easy to prepare at home and helps you to lose weight without just doing nothing! This drink will cut out your belly fat like crazy.

Did you know that sleep is one of the most important things to keep yourself healthy and happy? A night of restlessness, tossing and turning will not only leave you exhausted, but has also been linked to weight gain. Luckily, knowing what to drink before bed to lose weight and sleep well can solve both problems easily.

When you’re tired, your metabolism slows down so your body uses less energy. A lack of sleep also affects your blood sugar and can contribute to insulin spikes, causing you to feel hungry. This also decreases the rate at which kilojoules are burned.

Getting some shut-eye is vital when you are trying to lose weight and while having caffeine or sugar too close to going to bed can keep you awake, there are some bedtime drinks that can actually help you lose weight as well as ensuring you get some much-needed shut-eye.

What To Drink Before Bed To Lose Weight? Here are our top five suggestions:


Everyone has heard the term, ‘Sleep like a baby’. Well, some schools of thought suggest that newborns initially fall into a deep sleep because of drinking warm milk before bed.

A glass of milk (heating optional) can help your body to calm down at night because it’s full of calcium and tryptophan. Reportedly, calcium helps the brain to use the amino acid- tryptophan to create the substance melatonin, which is well known for inducing sleep. Getting a good eight hours in bed will help to decrease any food cravings the following day.

Grape juice

A small glass of grape juice before hitting the bed will not only improve your sleep quality but will also help you burn fat at night. As per a research published in Cell Reports, insulin secretion at night helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythms. Grapes are also a good source of antioxidant, which changes white fat into brown fat.

Chamomile tea

This caffeine free drink will leave you feeling calm and is famous for its sleep inducing qualities. A mug of Chamomile tea will increase your body’s levels of glycine, a neurotransmitter that not only acts as a mild sedative but also relaxes you.

It’s also been linked to improving glucose control, which aids weight loss. If you’re looking for long-term weight maintenance, steer clear of any detox teas and have a cup of Chamomile everyday instead.

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Soy protein shakes

Most people think protein shakes are just for body builders in the gym, but actually, soy in milk or protein powder form is brimming with the amino acid, tryptophan.

Tryptophan can also help to decrease cortisol levels which helps fight fat. Even though your metabolism slows down when you sleep, it still keeps working, and your protein shake will be digested and absorbed as you’re nodding off.


This is a probiotic-rich drink made from fermented milk. It works in your gut to increase healthy bacteria levels which aids digestion, and absorption of vitamins and minerals. The yoghurt-esque drink also helps to improve your sleep and enhance your overall exercise performance.

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